Monthly Archives: September 2015

Recently Read: Himmler’s Cook

A few weeks ago while my wife was busy shopping, I slipped away and made my way to the book store. I’m not the biggest fan of shopping malls these days. I found a great way to pass time though i.e. while my wife does her thing I go to the book store and catch up on whats new in the literary world. I never intended on buying anything until I came across this book pictured below. The cover looked so interesting and immediately drew my attention. 5 minutes later the cashier gave me a bag with the book inside.

9781782394129The story begins with Rose, a 105 year old Armenian woman who takes us on a journey through 20th century Europe. From a very young age Rose endures some of the most extreme hardships that you could ever imagine. It becomes clear early in the book that she’s definitely a survivor. Rose has an immense love and lust for life as well as great love for cooking. It is her love and knowledge of food that would change her life forever.

Early on in the book it becomes evident that the author has done a great deal of research on 20th century history. The story flows smoothly and reads beautifully. Every page makes you want more and more. The one thing this book is not, is boring. I think this is why I enjoyed reading Himmler’s Cook so much, I was never bored and the book doesn’t have a shitty ending. The story never remained stagnant at any point. I would give the book 4\5 stars.

The Blog is up and running again

It’s been a really long and tiring month. Work has been this month long ride in the fast lane doing 300km\h. And today for the first time in 4 weeks, I don’t have to run around from one meeting to another, manage a team to make sure that they meet their targets for the day or have people come to my desk every 2 mins asking me the most ridicules questions.

Yet here I am, it’s late afternoon and I’m still trying to update this post. My posts will be more regular going forward and I’ll really make an effort to get more content out. Even if it means writing about the weirdo at work who looks at everyone all funny and smells like onions (True story)

If you’ve read this then I thank you from the bottom of my beer bottle. Take care and don’t take everything I say too serious.